This event is expired.

The IT Kidz Summer Camps run for 5 days 10AM-2PM. The camp is divided into five themes and children will learn about a wide range of computer topics in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Camps include hands on experience, which each child having a Window 10 Laptop and Raspberry PI to work on, along with Unplugged activities to reinforce their learning.

The camp themes for 2017 are:

Computer Skills

Children will learn basic computer skills in Microsoft Word, Presentation, Publisher and Internet Safety. The children will learn about saving their work, file management, editing and formatting documents. The children will produce a range of work which they can print and take home.


This day includes writing, producing, directing, and filming their own animation.
Children will learn about storyboarding, animating stick figures, making their own clay characters and finally producing their own animated short film. All children’s work will be saved on a DVD for them to take home.


On the coding day children will be using a Raspberry PI to code in Scratch and Python.
Firstly the children will build their own Raspberry PI and learn about the different components of a computer. They will then learn what is coding, and why we should know how to code, before going on to code their very own games in Scratch and Python.


The children will learn about circuits and build basic electronics, which will incorporate good fine motor skills and let them be as creative as they want. They will also be learning about coding circuits using Scratch.

Minecraft Programming

By now everyone knows about Minecraft, but what if you could manipulate your world using code?
This day involves children exploring the world of Minecraft and going beyond their world using the Raspberry PI and Python. The children will learn how to build and make games in Minecraft using code.