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Improvers Code Club

The IT Kidz Code Clubs are after school computer clubs using Scratch programming Online.

Why Improvers?

The Improvers Code Club is for children who have a basic understanding of Scratch – perhaps they have completed our 6 week introduction to Scratch course, or they have learned some Scratch in school or by themselves. The Improvers Code Club will help the children to expand their coding knowledge by introducing new concepts and ideas. Working on Games, Animations and other projects in a live online class.

Club Details

The Beginners Code Club will run on Tuesday afternoons from 4PM-5PM commencing on January 12th for 10 weeks, with a break for mid-term on February 16th, and finishing up before the Easter Holidays on March 23rd. Code Clubs will be taught through Microsoft Teams and Scratch Online.

New time added Tuesdays 5-6PM, please choose time before booking.

Each week the children will build their coding skills. Course Online is as follows:

Week 1: Synchronized Butterfly

  • Review of moving up, down, turning and loops
  • How to draw your own background
  • How to clone a sprite

Week 2: Beat the Goalie

  • Recall how to use code to respond to key presses
  • Use sensing blocks to detect when sprites touch each other
  • Use broadcast blocks to communicate between sprites

Week 3: Paint Box

  • Add the pen extension in Scratch
  • Use broadcasts to control a sprite in Scratch
  • Recall how to respond to mouse events in Scratch

Week 4: Boat Race

  • Use operators to compare numbers in Scratch
  • Add code to detect when a sprite is touching a colour in Scratch
  • Use a variable to record the time in Scratch

Week 5: Poetry Generator (Valentine’s Day Project)

  • Variables;
  • Lists and random list items;
  • Repetition (the repeat block)

Week 6: Archery

  • Use animations
  • Use broadcasts
  • Use random numbers

Week 7: Flappy Bird

  • How to create sprites using Vector mode
  • How to use sounds
  • How to detect collisions
  • How to control a sprite using the keyboard

Week 8: Catch the Dots

  • How to choose random items from a list
  • How to use variables to track speed, lives, and the player’s score

Week 9: Gold Heist (St. Patrick’s Day Project)

  • How to use a repeat loop to animate a sprite in Scratch
  • How to use a forever loop to repeat an animation indefinitely
  • Understand that loops can be nested within each other

Week 10: Easter Egg Hunt (Easter Project)

  • How to position Sprites with X and Y co-ordinates
  • How to animate Sprites.