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Intermediate Code Club

The IT Kidz Code Clubs are after school computer clubs using Scratch programming Online.

If your child has been using Scratch for a while, and knows all the basic commands, they will be ready for this short intermediate course where we will be building games and animations.

Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively – essential skills for life in the 21st century.

Scratch teaches computational thinking and problem-solving using a powerful yet simple-to-use building block approach to app creation.

Club Details

The Intermediate Code Club will run on Tuesday afternoons from 5PM-6PM commencing on September 14th for 12 weeks. Code Clubs will be taught through Microsoft Office and Scratch Online.

Each week the children will build their coding skills. Course Online is as follows:

Week 1: Jockey Game with Scrolling Backdrop

  • A Horse Racing Game

Week 2: Fun with Backdrops

  • Making Sprites from Backdrops
  • Using Invisible Markers

Week 3: Submarine vs Helicopter

  • Collect starfish from your submarine
  • Avoid being attacked by the helicopter

Week 4: Car Maze

  • Manoeuvre your car through a scrolling maze.

Week 5: AMazeing

  • Using the sprites pen to draw mazes.

Week 6: Fishing Game

  • Find the Fish, but avoid the jellyfish!

Week 7: Hoppy Rabbit

  • Help the rabbit to cross the road to get to the carrots.

Week 8: Donkey Derby

  • A donkey racing game.

Week 9: Breakout

  • A 70s computer game

Week 10: Platform Game

  • Learn to create a platform in Scratch
  • Move sprites around the platform.

Week 11: Monkey Bop.

  • A Wack a mole type Game.

Week 12: Save the Snowman

  • A word finding game like hangman.