This event is expired.

This year the IT Kidz Summer Camps are online!

Camps will run each week of the summer holidays, Monday – Thursday 10:30AM – 1:00PM.

Trainers will be online from 10AM each day to help with any technical issues before camp. All software used during the camp will be available to the children to use for the duration of the camp. Each child will have to have access to a PC or laptop to access the camp. This year as we are going to be online the camp’s age group has been increased to 8-12 years old.

The themes for the 2020 online summer camp are:


On Monday, the children will learn about netiquette, explore being a Good Digital Citizen using mind maps on a whiteboard, and then produce a poster using Microsoft Word. The children will learn about saving their work, file management, editing and formatting documents.  They will then create School Book Labels using Microsoft PowerPoint and create an interactive presentation using code and the programming software Scratch.


Tuesday is all about animation, children will learn what animation is will explore creating different types of animation, starting with creating a GIF, and a digital flip book animation. We will also use code to create animation again using the programming software Scratch. Finally we will be creating a stop motion animation using PowerPoint.


For Wednesday we will become story tellers, and will be creating a comic strip exploring characters and story lines, as well as creating our avatars if we want to appear in our comic ourselves. Again we will be using code, and Scratch to explore story telling, by being presented with a scenario and having to finish the story…and the code. Finally we will create a Story Book.


Of course when we become coders on Thursday we will be using Scratch to create our own video game, but we’ll also be exploring other programming languages, one another block code to reproduce an old fashioned arcade game, and then finally HTML & CSS to write a small web site based on our IT Kidz Summer Camp Online 2020 Diary.

To see samples of the Projects the children will be working on click here.