With the news that the closure due to the Covid 19 Pandemic is going to be going on longer than we initially thought. Mobile IT’s IT Kidz have decided to publish some lessons online, we hope to post one video a week starting later this week with an Easter themed project. We’d love it if the children could code along with us.

To prepare for these videos, the children will need to have access to Scratch, the programming app, at home. There are two ways in which the children can access Scratch, one by downloading the offline application, Scratch 3.0 or by signing up for an account on Scratch online.

To be able to use Scratch offline, the programme needs to be installed onto a laptop/PC. You can access the download either in the Microsoft Store or on the MIT’s Scratch website here. Once the .exe file downloads to your computer, run the file to install the software onto your computer. You are now ready to start programming using Scratch 3.0.

To create an online account, go to the Scratch website: https://scratch.mit.edu/ and select Join Now. Then create a username and password, select your country, enter month and year of birth, gender, an email address and Create Your Account. You will be logged in straight away and ready to explore Scratch. Select Create to start coding your first project.

If you have any difficulty getting started with Scratch you can email us on info@mobileit.ie or for an even quicker response try messaging us on Facebook.

Alice Quinlan (Manager Mobile IT)

PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) Graduate Diploma Advanced Materials BSc Applied Physics Alice has over 10 years’ experience as a trainer and has been the manager of Mobile IT for the past two years. During that time, she has been responsible for organising courses, curriculum design and recruiting and pre-screening for courses, running courses and ensuring sufficient support post course.

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