HTML & CSS Beginners


Wednesday afternoons from 4PM-5PM.

Please note that all IT Kidz Clubs have been postponed until the week commencing September 20th. To make up for this inconvenience we will have a special extra one off class on Tuesday September 14th at 5PM for anyone booked before this date.

To pay for 6 weeks please select deposit option. You will be reminded to pay for the second 6 weeks during the mid-term break, if you wish to continue.


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The IT Kidz Code Clubs are after school computer clubs Online. In this Code Club we will be introducing the children to the concept of Web Design, by teaching them how to code in HTML and CSS, the finished project from this code club with be a Website designed by the children to showcase all they have learned during the course of the code club.

HTML & CSS are the foundation of the web, and as such are excellent first programming languages to learn, and will pave the way to making learning languages such as JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby a whole lot easier.

Learning HTML and CSS help children visualise and articulate abstract ideas effectively. In this way, a child finds it easy to employ arithmetic to tackle and solve real-world problems. Also maths starts to become fun and interesting every day.

Club Details

The HTML & CSS Beginners Code Club will run every Wednesday from 4PM – 5PM, one hour a week for 12 weeks, finishing up the week before Christmas with a mid-term break in October.

What we Will Learn:

  • Using an online editor to create a website made up of HTML files and a CSS file
  • Building a HTML website that has headings, paragraph text, lists, and images
  • Using CSS code to control the look of your website, including designing a simple menu bar and changing colours, backgrounds, and borders
  • Linking pages to each other, and linking to other websites
  • Creating a table that includes headings and multiple rows
  • How to create your own colours using code
  • Ways to organise content on your website so that you can apply styles, and to make it friendly for screen readers
  • How to use CSS styling to create themes as well as style individual elements
  • Controlling the size of elements with different kinds of measurements
  • Making things happen when you hover over elements on your page
  • Animating elements of your website with CSS
  • How to use the developer tools to sneak a peek at the code of any website, and to test out parts of yours

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