Scratch Improvers Code Club


Thursday afternoons from 5PM-6PM 12 weeks.

Please note that all IT Kidz Clubs have been postponed until the week commencing September 20th. To make up for this inconvenience we will have a special extra one off class on Tuesday September 14th at 5PM for anyone booked before this date.

To pay for 6 weeks please select deposit option. You will be reminded to pay for the second 6 weeks during the mid-term break, if you wish to continue.


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Scratch Improvers Code Club

The IT Kidz Code Clubs are after school computer clubs using Scratch programming Online.

Why Scratch Gamers?

The Scratch Improvers Code Clubs, is for children who have a good understanding of Scratch and want to use those skills to build games. Each week we will work on a new Game, where the children will be designing all elements of the game, from the backdrops, sprites, and code. This club is sure to help any budding game designer to learn new coding skills.

Club Details

The Scratch Improvers Code Club will run on Thursday afternoons from 5PM-6PM commencing on September 16th for 12 weeks, finishing up before the Christmas Holidays on December 16th. Code Clubs will be taught through Microsoft Teams and Scratch Online.

Each week the children will build their coding skills. Course Online is as follows:

Week 1: Balloon Pop!

  • Move the crab to pop as many balloons as you can before they hit the ground.

Week 2: Spider Smash

  • How many spiders can you squish with the hammer before the time runs out?

Week 3: Monkey Mayhem

  • Help the monkey to pick up the bananas to throw them at the birds. How many birds can you knock out?

Week 4: Space Jumper

  • Pico is in space but needs to avoid the projectiles to survive!

Week 5: Beetle Road

  • Try to help the beetle cross the road – but watch out for those cars!

Week 6: Mermaid Game

  • The mermaid needs to collect all the pearls but the nasty crab is trying to stop her. Can you get the higest score?

Week 7: Tennis Pong.

  • The classic Ping Pong game, but this time you have to design everything, from the background to the bats.

Week 8: No Maze Pac Man

  • Classic Pac Man game with a Twist!

Week 9: Crossy Frog

  • Help the Frog to cross the road to find a fly, but beware of moving traffic and floating logs.

Week 10: My Game

  • Share what you have learned with the rest of the class – let’s see your game!