IT Skills Club



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IT Skills Club

The IT Skills Club is a 10 week club that runs for one hour a week and each week the children work on a different fun project that will increase their IT Skills and confidence with computers. Children will be using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel along with other online tools to help with their typing, editing and creative technical skills. Their will be a little coding, but the focus of this club is on other, basic IT skills that will be needed in the future no matter what course the child will take. Having experience with typing, word processing, spreadsheets and presentations prior to secondary school will be an invaluable skill.

Club Details

The Beginners Code Club will run on Thursday afternoons from 5PM-6PM commencing on January 14th for 10 weeks, with a break for mid-term on February 18th, and finishing up before the Easter Holidays on March 25th.

IT Clubs will be taught through Microsoft Teams and all software will be available to children for the duration of the course.

Each week the children will build their IT skills. Course Online is as follows:

Week 1: New Year

  • Microsoft Word Activity

Week 2: Countries of the World

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Activity

Week 3: Safer Internet Day

  • Digital Safety Activity

Week 4: Super Fun Spreadsheets

  • Microsoft Excel Activity

Week 5: Valentine’s Day

  • Designing Cards
  • Fun Coding Game

Week 6: Tech Week

  • All about Animation
  • Creating Simple Animations

Week 7: Earth Day

  • Designing Posters

Week 8: St. Patrick’s Day

  • Designing and Writing Comic Books

Week 9: Mother’s Day Surprise

  • Creating Digital Gifts

Week 10: Easter

  • Image Editing
  • Creating Easter Pintables