Python for Beginners


Wednesday afternoons from 5PM-6PM.

Please note that all IT Kidz Clubs have been postponed until the week commencing September 20th. To make up for this inconvenience we will have a special extra one off class on Tuesday September 14th at 5PM for anyone booked before this date.

To pay for 6 weeks please select deposit option. You will be reminded to pay for the second 6 weeks during the Halloween Break, if you wish to continue.


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The IT Kidz Code Clubs are after school computer clubs Online. In this Code Club we will be introducing the children to Python, a widely used, general purpose, text-based programming language. Python is used as the base in many popular computer games.

Python is a versatile language than can be used to make many different types of programs, from word processing to web browsers. Lots of elements that are used in Scratch are also used in Python – they just look different! So it is a good idea to have a knowledge of coding and Scratch before learning to code in Python.

Club Details

The Python for Beginners Code Club will run every Wednesday afternoon from 5PM – 6PM, one hour a week for 12 weeks, finishing up the week before the Christmas Holidays.

What we Will Learn:

  • Use basic programming constructs to create simple programs.
  • Use conditional logic to display ASCII Art.
  • Write for loops in Python
  • Use random numbers in Python
  • Draw lines in different colours with Python Turtle
  • Lists;
  • Loading list data from a file.
  • Dictionaries – creating and looking up values;
  • Turtle graphics – text, fonts and colours;
  • Iteration (looping) over a string variable;
  • The find() method;
  • The modulus operator (%).