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  • IT Kidz Summer Camp Online 2022

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This year the IT Kidz Summer Camps are online and in person!

Camps will run for a number of weeks during the summer holidays, Monday – Thursday 10:00AM – 1:00PM Online, and an extra hour 10:00AM – 2:00PM In Person. In Person camps will include fun STEM activities.

All software used during the camp will be available to the children to use for the duration of the camp. Each child will have to have access to a PC or laptop to access the online camp, laptops, software and equipment will be supplied for in person camps.

Please note the list of in person camps will be listed soon.

The themes for the 2022 online summer camp are:

My Story

On Monday, we are going to create our Avatar then we will be using an image editing tool to create a cool GIF of our name, we will use the Avatar and the GIF to create our own Image Editor using Scratch coding. Then we will be formatting a Word Document, adding cool fonts and colours and even images to our document. We will finish off the day with creating a short movie about our uniqueness!

Back to the Future

Tuesday we are going to look at the evolution of technology, as we have a look at the past technology and consider future technology. We will short what we find out using a PowerPoint presentation. Then we are going to build an arcade game, Space Shooter, we will draw our own sprites and code the game, then share it to play online. Then using Scratch we will look to the future and we are going to build an Alien Invasion Game. We will have a look at writing the front page of a major event or invention from the past or future and how the front page might look. Finally we will do a some image editing to see what the kids of the future might look like.

Protecting Our Planet

For Wednesday we will become environmentally aware, we will create a Save Our Planet Poster, we will create a Word Document and format the font, paragraphs and even add images. Then we are going to create a Scratch Game called Save the Sharks, where our shark has to avoid the plastic to stay healthy. Then we are going to create a short recycling Quiz using Python. The create a beautiful Word Cloud using environmentally friendly words, then use that to create a Save Our Planet web page.

Our Imagination

On the last day of camp, Thursday, we are going to use our imagination to create our own characters or Sprites, we will draw and animate them, and save them as GIFs. Then we are going to think about the sound that our Sprites might make and create sound files for them. Then using these Sprites and Sounds we are going to create our own fun Scratch Game. We will use our imaginations again to create our own Comic Book, and finish the day, and camp with Animation.

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